You Wear Me Out.



I used colors in this piece that were not in the original photo.


2 thoughts on “You Wear Me Out.

  1. Jessica, have you ever studied the career / body of work of Piet Mondrian? Dutch artist, first half of the 20th century? He started out as an expressionist, doing landscapes, trees, etc… then, like many artists of his generation, moved increasingly in the direction of cubism and abstraction… and eventually ended up with pure abstract formalism. Indeed, he more than anyone was the pioneer of abstract formalism.

    The way you take your photos and shape the colors and themes into purely formal designs reminds me of him, a bit… not the end result, but the approach. You really are brilliant. Your work needs to be on display in private galleries. Maybe you need an agent or a manager, or something, to get your work seen by gallerists and into art fairs?

  2. That was a big compliment, David. I honestly did not know much about Piet Mondrian until you mentioned it. And I did find interesting similarities as well. Reading about the explanations of his work was also very strange. There was a lot of intention within his work. And I guess I don’t have too much intention when I go into any of these pieces. I just sort of flow with it and if it works, it works. And if it doesn’t, you will never see it.

    I have never thought about having an agent. I think I have very little confidence when it comes to being an artist. You know, there is always someone better or someone more interesting. So I tend to think of myself in more mediocre sort of ways. Which is probably why I have lost my spark and motivation to go further.

    But, the good news is that I am working on getting these recent orbs printed. This week even. Because I would like to see how they sell. And yes, I should frame them and try to get them hung somewhere. I’ve been an antisocial hermit.

    I always appreciate your kind words. It’s nice to know that someone sees these and values them.

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