Still Small

Made with Fragment, Tangent, Reflex, Afterlight, Mextures and SkyLab on my iPhone from this photo:

Koi Small


5 thoughts on “Still

  1. You’ve been making some great images. About how long does each take you to complete one?

    I have the Assembly app and noticed the developer of that app has a few others. Are you using those?

    • Hi Kevin! The mobile creations usually take me 30 min-90 min. I use many apps. I try to post which ones I am using on each piece. But my standard apps are Assembly, Tangent, Fragment, Union, Mextures, Afterlight, Reflect, Glitche, LensLighr, SkyLab and LensFX. 🤗

      • I may look those up. I like the well-designed creative apps even if they cost a little. I remember the developer’s name now, it’s Pixite. Some of your apps are from them and they have others. You should check that out.

      • Yes, Union, Fragment, Assembly and Tangent are Pixite Apps. I love them. They have featured my work on their Instagram a couple of times. 🤗

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