So I started going to school for design in August and ever since then, I haven’t made a single art piece. I put all of my energy into learning and getting good grades. I had to design something for a screen print and being the over achiever that I am, I decided to do a 5 color print (one of the colors being the black outline.), so this is what I designed. And below is the printed versions.


Anyway, I have a lot of fun opportunities coming up! Doing photos for a billboard, designing an album, designing  a birthday invitation, designing a wedding invitation and save the dates, designing logos and websites. (I also learned HTML & CSS this semester. I really like coding.)

So that’s a small update and a poster.

Hope you like.



2 thoughts on “Tri

    • Addendum: by “a picture of a heart,” i meant that my response to your post is, or ought to be imagined as, a picture of a heart. As in, “I heart this,” or “lurve, lurve, lurve,” or “great heart, Batman, what a terrific post!” I was not meaning to say that i thought your art piece looks like a picture of a heart. 😉 Which it doesn’t. It looks like the inside of your mind. What an interesting place, Valle, the inside of your mind.

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