Made with Tangent, Fragment, Union, Mextures, Reflect and SkyLab on my iPhone 6. 


Evalyn Jean

EvalynJeanfor Web.jpg
Made this on my iphone with Prisma, Tangent, Fragment, Mextures and Afterlight.
From this photo of my Grandma. (Isn’t she beauuuuuutiful??)
The name “Evalyn The Mystic” comes from her, which is my middle name as well.
I feel mystical, hence the mystic part. 🙂


Electric Mountain

Electric Mountain.jpg

I am trying out some new mobile apps. This piece is made with a lot of them. (iPhone only) Tangent, Fragment, Union, Assembly, Mextures, Prisma and Glitche.

Whew. That’s a lot.

It started out with this photo of Baylee. She loves her ice cream cone.



Somewhere Far

SomewhereFar small
I woke up this morning thinking about trying something new. Cutting out unusual shapes and triangles and circles. I think it came out alright.

This is made from this photo that I did for Niki who runs Revival Haus. She refinishes midcentury modern furniture. (She let me put a couple of my photos in the shot too!)



Above Us – For Susan


A couple of weeks ago, Susan asked me if I could make a piece from a few photos she had from the Cleveland Clinic. They saved her life! And she wanted a piece that made those photos special.

This is the first custom piece that I have made. I am very excited to get more custom orders like this. If you are interested, you can shoot me an email at evalynthemystic@gmail.com

This piece is made from these photos:


Many thanks to Susan for letting me turn these photos into a happier piece of art and for allowing me to share this with you.